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Accident - what to do next?

After an accident, the shock, fear, and stress are often the reasons why people neglect the formalities they should complete immediately following an accident, such as failing to collect enough data etc. Those involved in an accident may not be able to collect all the information necessary for starting a damages or compensation claim procedure. Despite the difficulties and shock, if it is possible at all, you should try to think clearly and take care of all formalities.

Immediately after the accident, you should write down the details, as they are still fresh in your memory, and reconstruct the entire event as best you can. It will also be necessary to collect all the data from the insurance policy of the person who caused the accident, the casualties, as well as their personal data. Accounts of the event given by the witnesses can also be important. It is also good if you take photos to document the losses or injuries you suffered.

If someone has been injured in the accident, you should always call the ambulance and the police. Even if you do not feel any pain or injuries, you should make an appointment with your GP, because many conditions manifest even up to 48 hours after the event.
As soon as possible, contact your lawyer, who will claim compensation on your behalf. It is often the case that the time frame is limited, and you should not delay with starting the claim procedure.

You can claim general damages, which is a form of general compensation for the physical injury you suffered and its consequences, such as loss of profits or income. Special damages include compensation for the material losses that occurred as a result of the accident and continue until the day of the trial. These include the cost of medical treatment and care, cost of vehicle repairs, etc.

Do not downplay an event and always try to obtain damages or compensation, because even if you did not suffer any physical injuries or loss of property, you may still be eligible for damages for emotional distress, fear, and stress related to the trauma.

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