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Accidents at work

Accidents at work include all events where you suffer a physical injury or emotional distress directly as a result or during the performance of your professional duties.


Your employer is bound by OHS regulations to ensure the following:
to control noise, dust, and gas emissions,
to provide protective clothing, footwear, face masks, gloves, etc.,
to carry out maintenance on machines and equipment, to provide guards, emergency buttons, etc.,
to prepare space for a first aid station and first aid materials,
to document events and accidents,
to provide detailed procedures which facilitate a quick and efficient emergency response,
to eliminate accidents and dangerous events even before they occur, to carry out procedures for preventing accidents, risk assessment for workstations, etc.,
to cooperate with the employees, review and monitor if the employees take care to ensure their own safety and observe the OHS regulations.


Your duties as a casualty in an accident:
notify your superior about the event,
write down all the details describing the course of the event (one copy each - for the casualty and for the employer),
arrange a doctor's appointment, where a GP will examine you in detail and will document how your condition changed.

You are eligible for damages for an accident at work, if the accident was not your fault but your employer's, as the employer did not follow the OHS regulations. You can also be eligible for compensation if you suffered injuries at work through the fault of your co-worker.


The damages or compensation may include the following:
health damages
damages for incapacity for work
compensation for loss of income
compensation for damaged property
damages for loss of life at the workplace

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