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Traffic accidents

The causes of traffic accidents can be many and varied. We usually believe accidents can be avoided. That is why we make every effort not to cause them. However, it is difficult to foresee traffic accidents, even more so where seconds can mean all the difference between a serious crash and a mere dent in the bumper.

Even though we have little influence on traffic accidents, you can claim compensation or damages which, at least to some extent, will cover the expenses connected with treatment or material losses.

The most frequent causes of traffic accidents

Causes of traffic accidents include:

speed of driving that is not suited to the road conditions (the statistics show that each year, speed is the cause of over 400 deaths on the road),
driving under the influence of alcohol (280 victims each year in accidents caused by drunk driving),
inexperienced drivers,
not fastening your seat belts,
losing control of the vehicle,
not being focused or failure to observe the Highway Code regulations, which the law refers to as an omission,
losing control of the vehicle etc.

Your duties as a casualty in a traffic accident

As a casualty in a traffic incident, you must notify the appropriate emergency services, remain on site, and above all immediately help the other casualties of the accident. Moreover, you should provide your contact information and personal data, the number of your insurance policy, and make any other necessary documentation available to the appropriate authorities.
If you are the driver, accounts from witnesses can also be helpful.

The most frequent injuries caused by traffic accidents

Immediately after a traffic accident, those involved may be in shock which numbs the ability to feel pain. It very often happens that they feel they have been injured only after they have returned home or even the next day. Therefore it is very important, after an accident, that you do not ignore any symptoms of injuries, such as neck pain, headaches, muscle pain, and impaired vision, etc. It is good practice to go to a hospital for a check-up, regardless of your physical and mental state. You should also collect all medical documentation from the medical examination, because it will provide a trustworthy and reliable evidence for the claim.

Who can claim compensation or damages?

All people involved in a traffic accident are eligible for compensation or damages. These include:
drivers of vehicles,
passengers of vehicles,
children involved in the accident,
pedestrians etc.

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