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Why choose us?

We are an experienced insurance recovery centre and our business is to effectively recover any compensation or damages from insurance companies in case of claims for traffic accidents, accidents in public places, and civil cases etc.


We act fast, competently, and effectively, and we do not collect any fees before our Client receives their due compensation. Our profits, which come from a set percentage of the amount of compensation or damages, are generated only when compensation is awarded to the Client.


We have many years of experience in recovering claims for which our Clients are eligible in cases of bodily injuries, trauma or depression they suffered as a result of an accident. Our lawyers and experts have the necessary expertise and knowledge of the law in the United Kingdom in order to effectively seek compensation or damages for the Client.


If you had an accident and as a result suffered any physical or other injuries, we will gladly help you claim the legally due compensation.


Why should you wish to use our services?

We bring results and we efficiently fight for compensation on your behalf negotiating the highest rates from the insurance companies. At the same time we also make profit, because our fees directly depend on the amount of compensation awarded and are calculated as a percentage of that amount. We act fast, because often enough time can decide the success or failure of the entire procedure. We do not delay the payment of the compensation, because it is you to whom the money is due most of all. This money often pays the earlier debts used to finance the treatment and we are aware that receiving compensation can be a matter of urgency.


What are the benefits from using our services?

- we act quickly and effectively

- high amounts of compensation

- no hidden costs

- our fee is payable only after you have received compensation

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